this time with your kids is so important

I do portraits photography and family sessions

Photography fell into my life a long time ago. One of my earliest memories is the dark-red, magic dream world my parents inhabited by night in our family home in St Petersburg. I was fascinated by images appearing in front of my tired eyes as my parents developed photographs in the bathroom-come-darkroom. I didn’t know it at the time, but cameras would become constant companions for the rest of my life – like a treasured family member.

For me, photography is more than image, or memory, or even art itself.

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Our kids grow up so fast. Don't let these memories slip away. Your mind can get blurry with time. Yet your photos will always be there, carrying your most precious life moments.

What I do



A pregnancy photography session is a great way to capture this momentous life-changing event. I will create intimate, sensual and graceful photos for you.



Whatever your child’s age, I tailor your photoshoot around you as a family: the things you enjoy, how you laugh and how you love. As no two families are the same so every photoshoot is different. Jumping on the bed or running around at the park, your child playing with their favourite toys or enjoying their favourite books. We spend a relaxed morning together taking pictures that tell your story.



Natural images taken in the comfort of your own home. Relax and enjoy your new arrival while we work carefully around your baby to create beautiful images. Informal photoshoots that reflect your baby’s emerging personality. Record this amazing time in their lives while keeping to their normal routine.



Kids, woman portraits. Fine art and model portfolio updates sessions. Social media content.

Why hire me as your family photographer?

this time with your kids is so important

Photography is a very personal thing and every photographer has a different style. Mine is relaxed - so if you have a long list of must have shots for me to tick off as I go then I'm probably not the photographer for you. Why? Because while doing that I'd miss all the real stuff happening right in front of me. That’s why it’s so important to choose a photographer whose style fits your vision.. Got a feeling that’s me? Brilliant news... let’s talk!​

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Kind Words

You will not find better photography services. These are not regular pictures. They are unforgettable moments, carefully captured and put together to create a story - your story! Nadia has an amazing sense of light, colour and feelings.



I found Nadia as a very professional photographer with a great passion for what she does. Nadia likes action in her scenes which makes it so easy to just enjoy your time and not pose for the camera. She is very easygoing and a wonderful person who knows how to build up an interest in the process for kids and adults. All final shoots turned out full of life and harmony. They look natural and pure bringing up beauty and love. She is the best family photographer I've met.



Nadia did a photo session for my wife and me at Tamarama beach. She picked all the right spots and directed the whole session with the confidence and ease of a seasoned professional. The photo shoot was fun and stress-free, and the resulting family pictures are the best ones we had in many years. I highly recommend Nadya to anyone who wants to create great pictures and memories.



I have already had some experience with different photo sessions before, but since I met Nadia | prefer her vision of this process and result. She always tries to catch the right moment and reflect the real emotions of happiness, tenderness, love, passion and warmth in family relationships. Such photo sessions take place in a natural atmosphere, where you do not have to pose, from which the photos get the most 'alive. Nadia prefers to use natural sunlight.